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Feasibility & Options Studies

hepworthPlanning a ‘new catering operation’ or expanding an existing one requires consideration of a number of fundamental questions such as; what is the right type of catering offer for my facility and customer base, what is the competitive landscape, what is the right style of service, will it have commercial appeal, will the business be profitable, will it enhance the existing customer experience should it be operated in-house or outsourced, how much space should be allowed, what are the fit out costs.

Whether you have an existing business that wishes to create or expand a catering operation this service will enable you to decide which is the most effective and efficient route for you and consists of;

  • Identifying your target markets
  • Identifying your competition, their strengths and weaknesses as well as offer gaps within the market
  • Considering the most suitable type and style of catering operation, including offer, pricing and service style
  • Appraising the existing skill sets within your organisation
  • Reasoning the operation’s viability and commercial appeal
  • Consider the business case against return on investment (if needed), with income projection scenarios with a sample profit and loss account
  • Identifying the business risk and processes to reduce risk
  • Identifying the most appropriate delivery option for your catering operation (in-house or outsourced)
  • Determining the spatial requirements for your catering operation
  • Determining your equipment and furniture requirements with outline costings