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Operational Reviews & Business Development

Menu Construction

Menu Construction

It is all too easy to get comfortable, fall into a routine and let the catering operation tick over, only to realise after that all is not as it should be and service and sales have slipped and costs increased resulting in an under performing operation

Our audit will assess whether you are getting the best return from your catering operation, if your controls and procedures are robust and effective, review your offer against current trends and importantly- your customer profile, recommend changes to improve your margins and how to monitor them, service quality and consistency of delivery and how to further develop your business, maximizing opportunities whilst enhancing the customer experience.

Catering is a competitive business and the quality and consistency of service and offer is critical to the survival of any catering operation.

Our audit involves a thorough examination into all areas of your current catering operation, including:

  • Profitability of the operation
  • Key cost margins including – Product and Staff
  • Staffing levels and skills
  • Management and staff knowledge and experience
  • Menu and product range and quality
  • Popularity of the offer and sales trends through EPoS data analysis
  • Offer ‘gaps’ that can be exploited
  • Food production methods
  • Dish specifications and costings
  • Service style – is it the most effective and efficient
  • Counter presentation and display
  • Operational procedures; opening, closing and service procedures, Due Diligence and customer service
  • Operating hours
  • Review of competitive supply

Post review we will produce a phased implementation plan from the recommendations made and if required assist with or implement them for you